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Jules is what is known as a triple threat, which means she can sing, dance, and act - and she's using her degree to manage her career as an independent artist. 

The Daily Aztec

Aurora's sultry, powerful, voice rivals the ranges of Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, and Alicia Keys. She plays the piano with the same passion and focus she brings to her vocals and it's this ability that puts her ahead.

The Face Magazine

Each of Aurora's original music fully embraces her life experiences remaining confessional and resilient in her lyrics. 

Her hard work has not gone unnoticed, as Aurora continues to forge her own path to success as an Asian-American Artist in the music industry.

Bode Magazine

Multifaceted viral performer Jules Aurora has been hard at work making her presence known and proving she is more than just a pretty face. 


92131 Magazine