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Jules Aurora || Character Concerts E5

Jules Aurora || Character Concerts E5

Support Jules Aurora: In collaboration with AT&T and Samsung, Character Concerts is bringing performances and exclusive interview content right to your living rooms. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Filipina American artist Jules Aurora is thankful for every opportunity she’s gotten and for all the things that make her resilient. Watch this week’s episode to catch a special performance of her hit songs “Back to Us” and “Letting You Go,” and find out how she went from singing karaoke in the basement of her childhood home to performing in some of the nation’s biggest stadiums and collaborating with the likes of AJ Rafael, Kurt Schneider and Timothy DeLaGhetto. If you'd like to support each artist in our series, please visit the GoFundMe page linked above. Any donations are appreciated, as artists cannot tour during this pandemic. Featuring: Jules Aurora Spotify: Pianist: Galvn TIMESTAMP 00:00 - Intro 00:15 - Part 1: City of Angels 05:25 - "Letting You Go" (Live Performance) 09:12 - Part 2: The Deep End 13:30 - "Back to Us" (Live Performance) 17:30 - Part 3: Always Be Resilient 21:55 - "Worth It" (Live Performance) Visit Ky at the AT&T store to learn more: Or check out your nearest AT&T store here: Don’t forget to check out the latest Samsung FE device at CREDITS Executive Producer/Publisher: James Ryu Executive Producer: Imperial Family Companies Director: C.C Thomas Jr. Recording & Mixing Engineer: Garret Dahl Mastering Engineer: Tom Kendall Director of Photography: Alan Chung Technical Director/Editor: Charles Gray Assistant Editing/Camera Ops: Francis Ray & Chris Okimoto BTS Videographer/Camera Op: Chalisa Phiboolsook Audio Mixer/Camera Op: Max Phan Creative Marketing Director: Audrey Ryu Graphic Designers: Cassie Wang, Florence Lo Lighting Programmer: Bill McCoy Lighting Consultant: Clay Costa Sound and Lighting Provided By: Hudson Audio Works SOCIALS Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: CHARACTER IMAGES Visit our brand new stock photo site for Asian talent. ABOUT CHARACTER MEDIA Character Media is the longest-running publication dedicated to covering Asians in entertainment. To access all of our magazines, visit #JulesAurora #CharacterConcerts #CharacterMedia #PopMusic #LivePerformance

Through music and the power of believing in oneself, she has flourished into a multifaceted artist that represents the underrepresented.

Hiraya Magazine

Unlike anyone in the American entertainment industry, Aurora is making waves and shattering boundaries as a Filipina artist. Not only is she an actress, singer, and model, but Aurora is a passionate advocate for change and inclusion. 

The Face Magazine

Each of Aurora's original music fully embraces her life experiences remaining confessional and resilient in her lyrics. 

Her hard work has not gone unnoticed, as Aurora continues to forge her own path to success as an Asian-American Artist in the music industry.

Bode Magazine

Multifaceted viral performer Jules Aurora has been hard at work making her presence known and proving she is more than just a pretty face. 


LA Style Magazine

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